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Extraordinary Executives: Meet Carolyn Mollen, Rising Star, 2016 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards

Mollen is the CFO of the Independent Sector

Carolyn Mollen was selected as the Rising Star in the 2016 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards. Mollen has been with the Independent Sector since 2011, most recently as CFO. Earlier she worked in finance for CliftonLarson (now CliftonLarsonAllen) and the former Langan Associates. Mollen took a few minutes to share insights and advice on nonprofit finance.

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Providing tangible benefits while funding expanding advocacy efforts

In January, Marvin Irby, CFO of the National Restaurant Association, Washington, was named the 2013 CFO of the Year. Irby now gives his thoughts on association finances.

What do you think is the single-most important issue facing association finance professionals today?

Adjusting to the challenging economic environment by discovering additional revenue generating opportunities. The traditional association funding model is under tremendous economic pressure. Continuing to expand our business model while enhancing member value is a continual challenge. Continue reading

Executive Voices: ‘Great CFOs embody the value of their organizations’

We’ve all seen them, and many of us have been lucky enough to work directly with them – great CFOs.

They are motivated by the future, committed to delivering in the present, and hold a healthy respect for the lessons of the past. They champion clear, measurable long-term goals and drive practical short term prioritization. They build and sustain a strong team with diverse talents, and in doing so, they accelerate the momentum of the organization. They bring a talent for balance and objectivity to the table, and they model the process of growth in harmony with the overarching mission. Continue reading

Extraordinary Executive: Paul Archambeault, CFO/COO, Airlines For America

What are the challenges nonprofit CFOs face today? How are you/A4A meeting that challenge?

Each nonprofit, whether a 501(c) 3, 4, 6, etc., has a unique set of challenges based on the makeup of its mission, constituents and available resources. Most nonprofits, by the nature of the business, work with somewhat limited resources. A central challenge facing nonprofit CFOs today is managing the balance between uses of those resources while doing everything possible to achieve its mission. Continue reading